Terms and Conditions of the “ifelt.pl” online store

The following Terms and Conditions of the “ifelt.pl” online store (further called the “Terms and Conditions”), which is owned by Magda Rybitwa who is the owner of the company “iFelt Magda Rybitwa”, postal code: 61-064 Poznan (Poland), address: os. Przemyslawa 15B/5, Tax ID: 7822361472, establishes and regulates the legal relations between the “ifelt.pl” online Store (further called the “Store”) and natural persons, legal entities and other organizational entities using Internet telecommunication services within the Internet domain www.ifelt.pl (further called “Customers”).

By clicking the “Accept Terms and Conditions” field as part of the registration procedure, the Customer confirms that they have read, understood these Terms and Conditions within the scope of the legal relationship between the Customer and the Store and accepts them without reservations as a customer of the Internet domain www.ifelt.pl


§ 1.


1. These Terms and Conditions establish the rules governing the manner in which the “ifelt.pl” online Store conducts sales using means of long distance communication, including rules governing the Customers’ use of the Store available at the address www.ifelt.pl and the services offered via the website.

2. The Store provides the following services:

a) enables Customers to place orders for goods available within the Store and enter into agreements for the remote sale of said goods,

b) provides Customers with information regarding the goods available at the Store.

3. The Customer undertakes to follow the provisions of these Terms and Conditions.

4. The exclusive rights to the content available as part of services rendered via the Store, especially copyrights, the name of the Store (trademark or product mark), the graphic elements comprising the contents of the Store, software or rights related to databases are subject to legal protection and belong to the Store or entities with which the Store has entered into applicable agreements.

5. Product information provided within the Store, in particular product descriptions, technical and utility parameters and prices constitute an invitation to enter into a sale-purchase agreement.

6. The nature of price information provided on the website www.ifelt.pl is binding from the moment of the Customer’s receipt of an e-mail message containing a summary of the placed order. This price is not subject to change, regardless of price changes at the Store, which may occur in relation to individual products. In the event of the Store’s website showing an incorrect price, the Customer shall be notified of this fact prior to the performance stage of the order. The price provided on the website www.ifelt.pl and in the e-mail confirmation is not binding if a severe understatement is a result of a computer software error which occurred without fault on part of the Store.

7. The photographs, presentations and possible videos related to goods are published on the Store’s website for purposes of providing examples and serve to present a specifically indicated product assortment, and are for reference only.

8. The order performance time shown on the Store’s website for goods unavailable at the time is an estimate and may be subject to change.

9. The shipping costs are charged automatically and indicative in nature, and may be subject to change following further verification by the store.


§ 2.



1. Within the www.ifelt.pl service, the Store undertakes to render services in the scope and on terms specified in these Terms and Conditions.

2. Registration at the Store is effected through acceptance of the registration form made available on one of the subpages of the Store’s service, upon filling in appropriate fields of the form.

3. The Store reserves the right to modify the method of performing the service, in a manner corresponding to the scope and terms arising from its rights and powers, as well as corresponding to its technical capabilities, without degrading its quality and without influencing the range of the Customer’s rights and obligations.

4. The Customer bares sole responsibility for actions performed personally within the store.

5. The Customer should without delay notify of any instance of violation of the Store’s rights, as well as any instance of violation of the rules specified in these Terms and Conditions.

6. The Store may revoke a Customer’s right to use the Store with immediate effect in the event of the Customer’s violation of these Terms and Conditions, in particular, if the Customer:

a) has provided information which is misleading or in violation of third party rights;

b) has violated the personal rights of third parties, including the personal rights of other Customers;

c) has committed actions and behaviors which are contrary to these Terms and Conditions or applicable legal regulations;

d) has violated the principles of social life, e.g. by placing product orders or reservations and failing to receive the ordered or reserved products at least twice.


§ 3.


1. A Customer may enter into a product sale agreement remotely through the Store.

2. The agreement for rendering of electronic services is concluded upon effective completion and acceptance by the Customer of the registration form and the Store’s confirmation of accepting performance of the placed order. The agreement is concluded for an unspecified duration. The object of the agreement is the product specified in the order.

3. In order to conclude a sales agreement it is necessary to enter the website www.ifelt.pl and select a product or products available at the Store, and afterwards place an order indicating the delivery location of the goods, taking subsequent technical actions based on the prompts issued displayed for the Customer.

4. Placement of an effective order is possible only after acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

5. For the purpose of placing an order the Customer must fill out an order form. After placing an order through the order form, the Buyer shall be sent an e-mail message indicating that the order has reached the Store.

6. The Customer has the right to withdraw from performance of the order before the date of product shipment to the Customer’s address. Within the above timeframe the Customer is entitled to cancel the current order or place a new one. For that purpose the Customer must contact the Store, which shall grant the Customer the right to review or acquire information via telephone as to the contents of the order.

7. The prices of goods are provided in Polish zlotys (PLN) and indicate the GROSS amount, i.e. they include all public and legal charges, including VAT tax, customs fees, etc. The price shown by each product is binding at the time of order placement by the Customer. The Store reserves the right to alter the prices of goods contained in the offer, introduce new goods into the Store’s offer, conduct and terminate promotional campaigns or make changes to the above.

8. The Customer has the option to pay for the placed order using one of the following methods of payment.

9. Settlement of transactions performed by credit card or e-transfer is conducted via Przelewy24.pl.

10. A limited amount of goods is allocated for promotional sale and clearance sales. The performance of orders is effected in accordance with the inflow sequence of confirmed orders, until the exhaustion of stock covered by this form of sale.

11. The Customer is entitled to use the available services related to being informed by the Store of the current order status.

12. For the purpose of order performance, the Customer undertakes to provide all essential information which enables carrying out the order, i.e. name and surname, delivery address, contact telephone number or other information provided through the Store’s webiste or during a telephone conversation.

13. The order shall be performed on the condition, that the reserved or ordered goods are available and the provided personal and contact information is correct.

14. If a specific product is unavailable, the Customer shall be notified of cancelling the order or reservation due to lack of goods in stock or the need to wait longer for order performance with a request to confirm the Customer’s will to continue further performance. The Customer also decides whether the order is to be performed partially or entirely cancelled.

15. In the event of lack of goods or lack of will to further carry out the order, the Customer shall receive a refund of any payments made.

16. The performance time of the order shall be confirmed in an e-mail message or during a telephone conversation.

17. In the case of ordering products which are not available in stock, the Store may ask the Customer to pay an individually agreed advance payment.

18. The Store has the right to bestow performance of the order to a third party (as a subcontractor) without informing the Customer of this fact.

19. The Customer should inspect the parcel containing the delivered goods. In the event of finding:

a) mechanical damage to the parcel’s contents,

b) an incomplete delivery,

c) nonconformity of the parcel’s contents with the object of the order

- it is necessary to without delay draw up and sign a complaint protocol in the presence of the courier and submit a complaint with the Store.

20. Upon entering into a sale agreement with the Store the Customer is obliged to personally claim the goods from an employee of the courier company. In the event of forfeiting receipt of the goods, the Customer undertakes to cover the transport costs.



§ 4.


1. The ordered goods are released directly from storage, free from physical and legal defects, properly packaged and insured.


§ 5.


1. A customer making a purchase which is not directly associated with their business enterprise (a consumer) may withdraw from the goods sale agreement concluded remotely without statement of cause, by submitting an appropriate written statement within 14 (in words: fourteen) days from entering into the sale agreement.

2. The abovementioned statement must be submitted electronically or via post at the registered address of the Store.

3. In the event of withdrawal from the sale agreement, such agreement is considered void and the Customer is released of all further obligations. Anything the Parties of the agreement have mutually rendered is subject to return in an unaltered state, i.e. within the period starting with the release date of the goods to the Customer:

a) the goods must not be subject to mechanical damage,

b) no elements of the goods which constitute their integral part in a technological or functional sense must not become misplaced.

4. The return of any mutual benefits should take place without delay, no later than within 14 (in words: fourteen) days from the date of withdrawal from the agreement.

5. In the event of withdrawal from the agreement and return of the entire order by the Customer, the Store issues a refund of the total price of goods paid as part of the Store – Customer relationship.

6. The goods returned by the Customer should be packaged in an appropriate manner which ensures protection against damage during transport; to the furthest possible extent the goods should be returned in their original packaging. The goods should be returned with the complete equipment and accessories and documents issued during its sale.



§ 7.


Personal information collected in the Store’s database is processed exclusively for the Store’s purpose and is fully secure; it is not and shall not be disclosed to any other entities. The Store undertakes to maintain the confidentiality of any personal information collected, determined and created, which the Customers have submitted in connection with registering for and using the website www.ifelt.pl.


§ 8.


1. Any and all complaints should be submitted via electronically at the e-mail address hello@ifelt.pl or via post at the address “iFelt Magda Rybitwa”, postal code: 61-064 Poznań, os. Przemysława 15B/5. iFelt will reply within 14 days from receipt. 


§ 9.


1. In the event where any individual provisions of these Terms and Conditions are considered invalid or ineffective in a manner provided by the law, this shall not influence the validity or effectiveness of all remaining provisions of the Terms and Conditions. A provision or rule shall be put in place of the invalidated provision, which shall be as close as possible to the intent of the invalidated provision and the Terms and Conditions as a whole.

2. Any disputes arising from the use of the www.ifelt.pl website shall be settled by common courts of appropriate jurisdiction in accordance with regulations of the Civil Procedure Code. Any ambiguities regarding the rights and obligations of Customers and the Store shall be settled in accordance with provisions of the Civil code and appropriate legislation.

3. The Store reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time. Changes to the Terms and Conditions become effective from the moment of their clear indication and publication on the Store’s website. Registered Customers shall be bound by provisions of the new Terms and Conditions provided that they do not terminate the agreement for rendering of electronic services within a period of 14 (in words: fourteen) days from the date of the Terms and Conditions change notice.