Discover, Design, Create.

    At our studio we believe in the craft. We formulate character, weave in design and imprint luxury. We love simplicity and are crazy about utility. We have very high standards and a low tolerance for error. Our attention to detail is something more than just focusing the eyes. We adhere to the idea that less is more. We spread minimalism and believe in the everlasting nature of our products. 

We coddle with felt, pamper with leather and feel the difference.


iFelt was created in 2016 in a tight room with one sewing machine, a few spools of thread and a piece of precious Merino wool felt acquired through a great deal of effort. A lack of professional lighting, improper equipment, the wrong thread thickness an many other adversities have clipped our wings at the very outset

However, we did not give up. we acquired knowledge, sought better tools and sources of the highest quality materials. And it worked. We have sewn the first piece for iPhone. Feeling the immense satisfaction given by the product we have created, we decided to create more of it – for You. 

Today iFelt dresses all models of Apple devices. We have a professional design studio and workshop. We specialize in designing and sewing minimalist and simple forms, much akin to the Apple products themselves. We focus on detail and have achieved the desired high quality. We only deal with nature, leather and felt. Innovative vision reigns supreme, but the craft is our primary work tool.

Every iFelt piece is designed, crafted and shipped from our studio in Poznań as per Your order.