For the Buyer


iFelt Magda Rybitwa


Tel.: 665119973


Company address

os. Przemyslawa 15b/5 Poznan 61-064 (Poland)

Address for complaints

os. Przemyslawa 15b/5 Poznan 61-064 (Poland)

Complaint procedure description

1. The Buyer may submit complaints to the Seller regarding the Agreement at the address

or in writing at the Seller’s contact address. A properly submitted complaint should include at least the following:

- name, surname, address, e-mail address of the Buyer,

- conclusion date of the Agreement which is the basis of complaint,

- object of the complaint, indicating the Buyer’s demands,

- any circumstances substantiating the complaint.

2. If the data or information provided in the complaint requires supplementation prior to consideration of the complaint, the Seller shall contact the complaining party to supplement such information in the required scope.

3. The Seller shall investigate the complaint within 14 days from its receipt date in the correct form.

4. Response to a complaint is sent to the e-mail address or regular postal address provided by the Customer.

Right to withdraw from the agreement

Within 14 days from receipt of the purchased item or, in case of services, conclusion of an agreement, the Buyer (consumer) may withdraw from the agreement without any statement of cause. In such a case the Seller shall return all payments received from the Buyer.

In order to withdraw from an agreement the Customer must provide the Seller with a corresponding declaration of will by writing at the e-mail address:

The Buyer may use the agreement withdrawal template provided below. The purchased product must be shipped at the address iFelt Magda Rybitwa os. Przemyslawa 15b/5 Poznan 61-064 (Poland)

Agreement withdrawal declaration template (the declaration must bee filled out and sent only in the event of the Customer’s desire to withdraw from the agreement):

[seller’s address]

I [buyer’s name and surname] hereby inform of my withdrawal from the sales agreement of the following items: [names of purchased items], offer / order numbers [numbers].

The agreement conclusion date is [date], item receipt date [date] .

Name and surname: [buyer’s name and surname]

User name: [buyer’s login]

Address: [buyer’s address]

Date: [date of withdrawal from the agreement]

Signature: [only if the form is sent in hardcopy form]

Item return cost

In the event of withdrawal from the Agreement, the Seller does not cover the cost of returning the Goods.

Inability to withdraw from the agreement

The right to withdraw from an agreement concluded with the iFelt store does not apply to a Buyer (consumer) in regards to agreements:

- for the provision of services, if the store has fully rendered the service with the clear consent of the consumer, who has been informed prior to commencement of service provision, that the right to withdraw from the agreement is forfeit upon performance of the service;

- in which the object of the service is a non-prefabricated item, manufactured according to the consumer’s specifications or intended to satisfy the consumer’s individualized needs;

- in which the object of the service are items which, upon delivery due to their nature become inseparably combined with other items;

- in which the consumer clearly requested the entrepreneur to travel to the consumer in order to perform an urgent repair or maintenance; if the entrepreneur additionally provides other services than requested by the consumer, or delivers items other than replacement components necessary to carry out the repair or maintenance, the consumer is entitled to withdraw from the agreement in relation to such additional services or items;

- in which the service encompasses auditory or visual recordings or computer software delivered in a sealed package, if the package has been opened upon delivery;

- related to the provision of digital content which is not recorded on a physical medium, if the performance of the service has commenced with the express consent of the consumer prior to the expiry of the agreement withdrawal deadline and upon being informed by the entrepreneur of losing the right to withdraw from the agreement.

Obligation to deliver the item without defects

The Seller undertakes to deliver the items without defects, excluding faults indicated in the sales offer.

Possibility to take advantage of out-of-court methods of complaint settlement and assertion of claims, and access to such procedures

A buyer who is also a consumer has the ability to choose an out-of-court method of settling complaints and asserting claims in front of the Permanent Consumer Arbitration Court by the Regional Inspectorate of the Trade Inspection Authority in Poznan. Information regarding access to the above procedures is available at the address:, under the tab "Rozstrzyganie sporów konsumenckich" (“Consumer dispute settlement).